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6340g2 copper tubefin heat exchanger boyd direct

these heat exchangers have copper tubing expanded into copper cooling fins. they are electrostatic dip painted for hostile environments and all units are

customs ruling hq 087408 finned copper tube pipe gilled

finned copper tube pipe gilled ridged grooved hollow profiles. rollformed ridge spiraling circumferentially along the external length of the tube.

grooved tubes copper tubing and other products

cerrogroove is our internally grooved copper tube. bottom wall the thickness from bottom of the fin to the outer diameter of the tube.

construction of small diameter copper tube fin heat exchangers

webinar 2 april 26, 2017 otsica edu ional outreach webinar series.

finbraze brazed finned tubing wadsworth, ohio

fin tube products provides brazed finned tubing service. use of dissimilar metals which cannot be welded such as copper fins on stainless steel tube.